Since the foundation of the monastery, the monks of the Benedictine Abbey Maria Laach have paid attention to sustainability. This over 920 old tradition is a standard for us in the Maria Laach.
And not fancy marketing wording:
We are proud to one of seven hotels in our federal state which are entitled to have the DEHOGA Umweltcheck seal in Gold. If it is your wish, you stay climaneutral in our hotel. Your event, festivity, business-meeting will be – if desired –  organised as sustainable as possible.

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In 2018, the Seehotel Maria Laach managed to cover the requirements of the DEHOGA environment check.  The sections Hotel and Gastronomy were audited. Energy/clima, water, waste and groceries/local sourcing were evaluated. This measure was sponsored by the German Environment Agency.

Stay climaneutral?

If desired, yes.

How to “climaneutral” stay in the Seehotel?

If desired, we clima-neutralize your Seehotel stay. How is that? The Carbondioxid emissions of your stay are calculated. This amount of emissions is translate to an sustainablity equivalent to compensate the greenhouse gases by our partner. We provide a matching certificate.
Contribute to global climate protection and support acknowledged and chosen climate protection projects with your climaneutral stay. Above this, you sponsor to achieve Sustainable Development Goals, e.g. fighting poverty or improving the living conditions in emerging and developing countries. 
The chosen climate protection projects verifiable save carbondioxid and are audited and certified according to international standards. Additional safety is provided by the TÜV-Austria-certification process of ClimatePartner for the compensation of the CO2 emissions.


The principle of climaneutralisation

A company, process or product is understood as climaneutral if the arising COemissions are calculated and compansated by the sponsoring of international acknowledged climate protection projects. The compensation of carbondioxid emissions is beside the very avoidance and reduction a further step to a holistic climate protection.  Greenhouse gases as CO2 distribute themselves in the complete atmosphere. The concentration is alsmost everywhere the same. Therefore it is inrelevant where the emission was caused or avoided. Thus, emissions which can not be avoided locally, may be compensated globally. 

ClimatePartner is one of the leading solution providers for companies climate protection policies. ClimaPartner has proven to be a reliable partner to provide climaneutral stays in our Seehotel.

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